Varahi Mandir - Pitru Puja

Devi is the epitome of Shakti with the head of the sow and the female form of neck down. The feminine energy of Varaha is the boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu. She is the protector of Kashi during the night times. After being vigilant for the whole night, Devi needs rest during day time. It is why the temple opens only for 2 hours in the morning, generally between 5.30 AM to 7.30 AM. The priest does the ritualistic worship of Mata in Brahm Muhurat and then closes the temple for the whole day. Kaal Bhairav is the kotwal of Kashi during the day, and Varahai Devi in Varanasi is the protector of night. A few small steps are leads to a bright colour red door of Adishakti Varahi Devi. The main idol is in the basement. As per the age-old traditions, only the chief priest enters the basement of the shrine. The devotees can see a glimpse of Devi’s face from one whole, and from another whole, they can look at Her feet. These two holes are on another floor above the basement of the main shrine. Even from this long distance, one can feel the upsurge of profound energy emanating from the idol. The atmosphere is intoxicating, and it prevents lingering for long and looking at the Devi.

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